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Harold C. Barnett, Ph.D.
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Harold C. Barnett is a Chicago-based economist with expertise in mortgage markets and white collar/economic crime. He is Adjunct Professor of Finance and Real Estate at the Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate at Roosevelt University. He is actively involved in professional discussion of real estate finance and the evolving residential and commercial real estate landscape in Chicago.

Dr. Barnett has been publishing on mortgage market issues since retained to provide expert testimony on a foreclosure rescue scheme and to demonstrate lender and securitizer responsibility for underwriting and funding fraudulent loans. He is skilled in deconstructing claims and extracting quantitative and qualitative data to refute or support claims. He has used this approach to demonstrate that Goldman Sachs misrepresented risk in its mortgage backed security (MBS) offerings. Dr. Barnett's most recent publication traces the evolution of MBS risk through the housing bubble to the recent introduction of the Qualified Mortgage (Click here for link).

This website contains Dr. Barnett's Reports & Publications and Lectures on the mortgage market beginning with analysis of an equity stripping scam financed by a subprime loan, among many similar loans that were the tipping point for the financial meltdown. The story continues through discussion of the role of securitized subprime loans in the housing bubble and financial meltdown to subsequent law suits and legislation to the current debate over a sustainable regulatory regime.

Dr. Barnett's Building Chicago blog examines the growth and transformation of the urban core with narratives on iconic Chicago buildings and the built environment. His most recent post examines the 1909 Plan of Chicago and contemporary urban planning issues. Dr. Barnett was recently inducted into Lambda Alpha International - Ely Chicago Chapter, the honorary society for the advancement of land economics.

Prior to moving back to Chicago, Dr. Barnett worked in Tucson, Arizona as a mortgage broker originating residential and commercial loans. He was involved in the planning of several small real estate subdivisions.

For most of his professional career, Dr. Barnett was Professor of Economics at the University of Rhode Island where he published on white collar, corporate and environmental violations of law as well as on the regulatory strategies used to direct and sanction individual and corporate behavior. His book, Toxic Debts and the Superfund Dilemma, on the hazardous waste cleanup program, was published by the University of North Carolina Press. His analyses of land use issues include a critique of the economic feasibility of a deep water port at Quonset on Narragansett Bay (RI), and discussion of mitigation banking as a strategic component of Pima County's (Arizona) habitat conservation plan.